DBF Viewer 2000 is a powerful, compact and easy-to-use viewer and editor for DBF files. You can view, edit, sort, query by example, delete duplicates, create, print database tables and export the data from them to a variety of formats (DBF, TXT, CSV, Excel, HTML, XML, PRG, SQL, RTF) without using any packages. DBF Viewer allows you export, import and replace records from the command line. Unlike other similar programs, DBF Viewer 2000 is fast!

Publisher description

DBF files have been the standard format for database management systems ever since dBase III was released in 1984. In the decades since, this format has been adopted by several variations of dBase known as xBase, causing it to remain one of the most widely used database formats in the present day. An immense number of GIS and data management tools employ this format daily to power their underlying storage systems, creating a need for reliable applications which can view and edit DBF databases. At the front of this race lies DBF Viewer 2000, an advanced yet easy to use tool that allows you to access, edit, and optimize DBF databases. DBF Viewer 2000 has many features which make it unique among DBF viewers. In addition to its basic functionality, this application has many powerful scripts which allow you to perform automatic maintenance operations on your database, such as deleting duplicate records, exporting data to another common format (such as TXT, CSV, XLS, XML, SQL, or HTML), and running queries to perform operations like sorting and displaying select contents of a database. However, DBF Viewer 2000's major advantage is its speed -- unlike other DBF applications, which can become sluggish when working over larger data sets, DBF Viewer 2000 has near-instant execution for databases of any size. DBF Viewer 2000 is compatible with many variants of DBF files, allowing it to view and edit memos using dBase III, dBase IV, FoxPro, VFP, or dBase Level 7 formats. No external drivers are required to run the application, making it compatible with all formats of Windows since Windows 95 through Windows 7/8. With a command line mode, DBF Viewer 2000 is even perfect for servers without a graphical interface that need a tool to automate database operations in a script or batch processing routine. Try DBF Viewer 2000 today and see the power of a database tool which responds to your needs.

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